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About Us

At Companion Animal Outreach Services, we are dedicated to saving the lives of animals in need. We operate in various locations across Alberta and Saskatchewan, working tirelessly to rescue and provide a second chance to animals at risk of euthanasia. Our commitment to this mission is realized through strategic partnerships with humane societies, SPCAs, animal rescues, and animal control facilities. By joining forces with these organizations, we create a network of support that aims to end unnecessary euthanasia and ensure every animal has the opportunity to find a loving forever home. We are also proud to collaborate with Petland Canada, where we place our adoptable cats in 13 Petland locations throughout Alberta. Our main shelter, located inside the Red Deer Petland, serves as a vital intake, rehabilitation, and adoption center. Here, we welcome and care for approximately 800 animals annually, providing them with essential services such as spaying/neutering, vaccinations, deworming, and microchipping before they find their forever homes. As a testament to our commitment to our adopters, we offer comprehensive adoption packages that include insurance, ongoing support, and discounted veterinary services. As a maximum adoption facility, we strive to ensure the perfect match between our animals and their forever families. Join us in our mission to make a difference and put an end to unnecessary euthanasia. Together, we can provide a brighter future for these deserving animals


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What Drives Us

Our Mission

Companion Animal Outreach Services is a socially responsible company committed to creating a more compassionate society through animal welfare advocacy. Our mission is to rescue and rehabilitate animals in need, with a strong focus on adoptions and developing community-animal relationships.

We believe that every animal deserves a loving and permanent home, and we work tirelessly to improve the process of adopting a pet. Through our adoption events and community outreach programs, we aim to educate and inspire individuals to become responsible pet owners, and to provide the resources and support necessary to make that a reality.

At the heart of our mission is the belief that humans and animals have an interdependent relationship, and that by strengthening those bonds, we can create a more harmonious and sustainable world for all. We work closely with local organizations, businesses, and community groups to develop programs that promote positive interactions between people and animals, and to address the root causes of animal homelessness and neglect.

Through our efforts, we hope to not only rescue and rehome animals in need, but to also build a more humane and just society for all living beings.


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Why Adopt?

Cats - Independent loving companions

Cats make great companions and they add an endless source of amusement and joy to their owners’ lives.  If you are thinking about adopting a new furry friend, talk with one of our knowledgeable Adoption Specialists. They will help you find the perfect feline fit for your home! Don’t hesitate to visit our adoptable cats or kittens at our Adoption Centres located in Red Deer and in Calgary at Sunridge Mall. Our cats are counting on you to provide them with a safe, loving home for the rest of their lives.

Dogs - Loyal friend for life

Everyone knows a dog is man’s (or woman’s) best friend. Dogs are wonderful, loyal additions to any family.  All of our dogs have been personality-tested before being put up for adoption. Come talk to our knowledgeable Adoption Specialists to help find the right dog for your home. Visit our adoptable dogs and puppies at our Adoption Centres located in Red Deer and in Calgary at Sunridge Mall. Bring home a loving canine companion today!

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