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About Us

Thousands of cats and dogs are homeless, abandoned, abused or living in horrible conditions. Companion Animal Outreach Services (C.A.O.S.) strives to make a difference in communities by providing an animal shelter located in Red Deer, Alberta. We provide a safe haven for stray, rescued, abandoned and surrendered animals.
C.A.O.S’s dedicated staff and volunteers help animals in First Nations communities where no animal services are available. Here, we provide rescue, rehabilitation and rehoming for animals in need. We also intake stray animals from Municipalities in Central Alberta through our partner Alberta Animal Services. All municipal strays that are unclaimed by their owners are transferred into our rescue. 

Companion Animal Outreach Services is committed to the ongoing efforts to rescue animals in these areas. Collaboration is key to our success. We partner with various animal rescue organizations in Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba. With our partnerships, we can help maximize the number of animals rescued and rehomed.

 All the animals we rescue and admit into our shelter are spayed or neutered prior to adoption. We ensure all animals receive all necessary veterinary treatments, including vaccines, deworming, dental work, as well as minor and major surgeries.


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Our Mission

“To provide a safe and loving atmosphere for rescued and lost animals by providing them with the utmost care with proper nutrition, access to veterinary care, spaying, neutering, vaccinations, deworming, rehabilitation and adoption.”


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Why Adopt?

Cats - Independent loving companions

Cats make great companions and they add an endless source of amusement and joy to their owners’ lives.  If you are thinking about adopting a new furry friend, talk with one of our knowledgeable Adoption Specialists. They will help you find the perfect feline fit for your home! Don’t hesitate to visit our adoptable cats or kittens at our Adoption Centres located in Red Deer and in Calgary at Sunridge Mall. Our cats are counting on you to provide them with a safe, loving home for the rest of their lives.

Dogs - Loyal friend for life

Everyone knows a dog is man’s (or woman’s) best friend. Dogs are wonderful, loyal additions to any family.  All of our dogs have been personality-tested before being put up for adoption. Come talk to our knowledgeable Adoption Specialists to help find the right dog for your home. Visit our adoptable dogs and puppies at our Adoption Centres located in Red Deer and in Calgary at Sunridge Mall. Bring home a loving canine companion today!

Rabbits - Intelligent fun loving friend

Bunnies can be sweet, friendly, sassy, energetic, and goofy – they are a perfect mix of everything! Bringing a bunny into your home can be a wonderful and rewarding experience. And choosing to adopt a bunny gives a homeless bunny a new chance at life.  If you are hoping to add a bunny or two to your home, stop by one of our Adoption Centres and our Adoption Specialists will help you find your new furry friend!